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The Mystery Lady® Aster is born to be a star. This new Aster line features premium quality Asters. We regard a good experience and high quality as two sides of the same coin. Modern consumers are well informed and place demands towards both appearance and durability, which we have given a high priority in our breeding. With Mystery Lady® we want to bring quality. Because ultimately, quality pays off and ensures the consumers a great experience.

At the nursery Raahöj we are working hard and focussed on being the very best within our field. We attach great importance to our breeding and are constantly aware of the importance of innovation and improvement of our assortment.

We initiated our breeding work in 2004 and have ever since aimed at producing a series of Aster of high quality which will ensure, the consumers are having a good experience and at the same time the series of Aster from the growers’ point of view are preferably easier to handle during production. That’s one of the reasons why our varieties are produced by skilled growers all over the world.

We have produced cuttings of Asters since 1996, and have therefor an extensive knowledge of Aster novi-belgii. Our cuttings are produced in Uganda, were the sun and the heat, makes a very good quality cutting.

Goals of our breeding:

  • Double flowers
  • Many flowers on each stem
  • Warm, strong colours. Compact plants
  • Good shelf life
  • 1cutting per 10-11 cm pot
  • Tolerance to mildew
  • Tolerance to fungus
  • Natural plants
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