Stars of Happiness™

Mystery Lady® Pot varieties

Symphyotrichum novi-belgii
We focus on quality in our breeding of new varieties. We are focusing on treatment to create plants with good agronomic traits of cuttings and finishedproducts.

The results are varieties with large double flowers in bright colors, with good durability. Good rich sturdy plants that can withstand wind and weather, to the benefit of the consumer.

All Mystery Lady® varieties are protected, and reproduction is not allowed.

You can also get more inspiration on the use of Mystery Lady® asters here on this site.

Mystery Lady® asters are distributed by:

Europe: Gasa Youngplants

Japan: Hakusan

USA: Gasa Youngplants and Greenex

The protection of the varieties are represented by

US Patent numbers:

  • ‘Grace’ : USPP 23,828 P3
  • ‘Jessica’ USPP 21,117 P2
  • ‘Maggie’ USPP 23,827 P3
  • ‘Nicole’   USPP 27,803

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